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Clean Label Conference Technology Snapshots Overview

Purpose of Clean Label Conference Technology Snapshots

Global Food Forums’ Technology Snapshot Advisory Panel

What Criteria are Used to Judge Technology Snapshot Submissions?

Clean Label Conference Technology Snapshot Forms

Technology Snapshots FAQs


Technology Snapshots (TSS) are included in the Clean Label Conferences as a quick and convenient way to acquaint product formulators with new, useful and often innovative ingredients in the marketplace.

TSSs are the only presentations given by ingredient vendors at Global Food Forums Conferences. (See our Speaker Policy.) Only 15 minutes in length, they focus on the benefits of ingredients that can assist with clean label formulation efforts. 

TSSs are selected through a jury process. Please click on the links above for more information on selection criteria, our advisory panel, forms, FAQs and more.

To see examples of Technology Snapshots (as permitted by the presenters) from Clean Label Conferences going back to 2013,  please scroll down through our Clean Label Conference Library.


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