Why is There So Much Sugar in our Foods?

Posted on:January 5, 2012

I was once asked in a Public Radio interview “Why do food processors put so much sugar in processed foods?” The answer is generally obvious, but I’ll get to that in a moment. As a group, perhaps no ingredient category … Continue reading

Formulating Fiber into Foods and Beverages

Posted on:October 23, 2011

The health benefits of fiber are many. Although benefits differ as to whether a fiber is soluble or insoluble, the benefits range from decreased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes to laxative effects and ability to more easily maintain … Continue reading

Managing Weight: Good Foods vs. Bad Foods

Posted on:August 1, 2011

In the food industry, healthcare community, governmental policy arena and certainly among consumers from a personal concern, one of the biggest issues is how the American (and indeed global) population can control its weight. A recently published study in the … Continue reading

Fat Kids, Fast Foods and Advertising: Who’s to Blame?

Posted on:July 1, 2011

Children are increasingly overweight in many countries around the world. Overweight kids can lead to health problems in childhood, and even more as they age. Fast food is one of the most heavily advertised product categories that targets children. Studies … Continue reading

Global Health Statistics-Diabetes

Posted on:June 15, 2011

  The importance of health insurance was recently pointed out in a recent World Health Organization paper entitled “Management of diabetes and associated cardiovascular risk factors in seven countries: a comparison of data from national health examination surveys“[1] It found … Continue reading

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