Enzyme and Oat Trends from 2012 NPEE

Posted on:October 5, 2012

I hadn’t attended the Natural Product Expo East (NPEE) for some four years but checked up on this year’s event on September 25-28, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Although significantly smaller than its West Coast sibling (NPEW), it nevertheless is … Continue reading

Whey Proteins Trending Up

Posted on:August 23, 2012

A while ago my business partner, Peter Havens, and I were discussing what would be a hot topic for a conference theme. We settled on proteins. The one-day seminar (plus an opening reception the preceding evening) will be held April 10, … Continue reading

Clean Labels, Global Consumer and Food Manufacturers

Posted on:April 28, 2012

Processed and formulated food products that seem unprocessed and unformulated are of interest to both consumers and manufacturers around the globe. Many discussions of the clean label trend (where only a few consumer-friendly ingredients are used to formulate a product) … Continue reading

Global Trade to Saliva & Obesity to Breast Cancer

Posted on:April 21, 2012

I keep a running copy of news items that I think may be useful for presentations, reports, articles and so on. Here’s a short list of news items that I’ve recently posted on Global Food Forums. It covers studies such … Continue reading

Five Trends-Chips, Black Soybeans, Seaweed, Ginger and Gluten-free Oats

Posted on:March 27, 2012

Here are five more trends seen at the 2012 Natural Products Expo West to be added to the “sweetener,” “kale,” and “coconut water” trends discussed in previous Global Food Forum blogs this March 2012. 1. Health Bars Down, Chips Up. … Continue reading

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