Microbial Control in Clean Label Products

Posted on:November 13, 2018

Although our industry and government remain mostly focused on pathogen control, “spoilage control is a more difficult challenge to address,” said Peter Taormina, Ph.D., President, Etna Consulting Group. “Pathogens are the primary culprits in food safety; they are the organisms … Continue reading

Clean Label Solutions for Lipid Oxidation Control

Posted on:November 2, 2018

The chemistry of lipid oxidation is as complex as the means of defense. “You can get literally hundreds of products that are formed from oxidative reactions,” explained Eric Decker, Ph.D., Professor and Head of the Department of Food Science, University … Continue reading

Emerging Research to Practical Approaches on Natural Antimicrobial Use

Posted on:November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017–The 2017 Clean Label Conference’s tagline, “Sophisticated Solutions for Simplified Products,” expresses the industry’s challenge of simplifying products and also our belief that food science will deliver solutions. To meet consumer expectations, products must not only have great … Continue reading

Clean Label Antimicrobials: How to Find Them?

Posted on:October 16, 2015

October 16, 2015–Global Food Forums, Inc. — The following is an excerpt from the “2015 Clean Label Report,” sponsored by Loders Croklaan, RiceBran Technologies and SunOpta. There is a market demand for fresh products with extended shelflife. TNO, the Netherlands-based … Continue reading

Opportunities and Limitations of Natural Antimicrobials

Posted on:July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014, Global Food Forums — The following is an excerpt from the Ingredion sponsored “2013 Clean Label Conference Report.” The primary function of food antimicrobials is food safety; the secondary function is shelflife extension. “In order to be effective as an … Continue reading

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