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Global Food Forums® Sweetener Systems Conferences are designed for technologists involved in product formulations. Core subject matter are the properties and interactions of ingredients impacting sweetness perception and performance of finished products. Programs provide insights on hot topics related to sweeteners such as updates on consumer attitudes, formulating for sugar reduction, emerging technologies, nutritional aspects, sensory, regulatory and analytical issues. 

Click on the links below to gain access to each years’ program, sponsors & exhibitors, news bites and a store with free downloads of speakers’ PowerPoints and sponsored post-conference summaries.


GFF clover leaf bullet point2020 Sweetener Systems Conference – March 24, 2020, Westin Hotel, Itasca, Illinois, USA. This event will precede our 2020 Clean Label Conference to be held March 25-26, 2020.

GFF clover leaf bullet point2018 Sweetener Systems Conference – October 23, 2018, Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

GFF clover leaf bullet point2017 Sweetener Systems Conference – November 7, 2017, Westin Hotel, Lombard, Illinois, USA

GFF clover leaf bullet point2016 Sweetener Systems Conference – November 2, 2016, Westin Hotel, Lombard, Illinois, USA

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