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2015 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Pre-conference: Business Strategies Program

Sukh Gill speakerPresentation: Global Protein Regulation – A Question of Quality?

Speaker: Sukhbinder Gill, Llb (Hons) DTS MTSI, Director of Global Regulatory Services, Leatherhead Food Research

Sukh is Director of Global Regulatory Services at Leatherhead Food Research. He is a business law graduate, and statutorily qualified trading standards professional, having started his career in regulation as a UK regulator. A 25 year career in public and private sectors has given Sukh a high-level understanding of business regulation, having seen both sides of the fence. In his early career he sanctioned offending businesses as a Trading Standards Officer for a UK enforcement authority (Coventry). Latterly, his role has been about achieving compliance for businesses as Trading Standards Manager for Safeway (now Morrisons) and as Chief Regulatory Advisor (Food & Consumer Law) to the Müller Group.

Sukh’s current role brings this wealth of experience to a client base that is a who’s who of the food industry. He has been a representative on various Governmental, non-Governmental & Trade Body expert working groups, a former Council Member of the European Food Law Association EFLA (UK), a Member of the BRDO Business Reference Panel and is currently Chair of its Business expert Group on Food Standards & Labelling. He has also been an author of professional distance learning materials on food standards and a part-time, pro-bono, Consumer Protection Degree Lecturer. He is Private Sector Food Lead Support for the UK’s Trading Standards Institute.

2015 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Pre-conference: Business Strategies Program Presentation:

Global Protein Regulation – A question of quality?
The 2011 FAO Expert Consultation on Protein Quality noted, amongst other matters, that: “The match between dietary supply and human protein needs is vital to support the health and well-being of human populations.” However, how accurately do Global Regulatory provisions define the amount and quality of protein supplied by dietary sources of protein, and how well does this actually match human nutritional needs? In the absence of a harmonized approach, are consumers and policy makers able to make informed decisions? Could protein claims that are made in some jurisdictions, be regarded as misleading, today, or in future?



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