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Purpose of Clean Label Conference Technology Snapshots

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Technology Snapshots FAQs

Technology Snapshot presentations update attendees on new ingredient solutions in the marketplace that assist clean label formulation efforts. Ingredient vendors, who are most familiar with these ingredients, usually give these 15-minute presentations.

Due to the limited number of presentation slots available and to help ensure unique and useful information is presented, a jury process is used to select presentations. Technology Snapshots are different from the Clean Label Conference’s 45-minute general sessions. Invited food manufacturing company, consultant and academic experts give general session presentations.

A Technology Snapshot presentation that meets its purpose typically has the following type of information.

—  The ingredient’s benefit(s) and application(s)

—  Distinguishing properties and use considerations.

—  Regulatory considerations including GRAS status

—  Its brand name and also how it could be listed on an ingredient statement.

—  Potential label claims, if applicable

To see examples of Technology Snapshots (as permitted by the presenters) from Clean Label Conferences going back to 2013,  please scroll down through our Clean Label Conference Library.


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