Articles by Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell

Over 300 articles have been authored by Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell, MSc, MBA in trade publications and journals in print and online. Here is a recent sampling.


O’Donnell,C.D., When it Comes to Plant Proteins, More is More, Food Processing, Posted Jul 01, 2019

O’Donnell, C.D., Blending Plant Proteins for More Nutritional Processed Foods, Posted December 7, 2018. Prospector®, UL, LLC

O’Donnell, C. D., Antioxidants Systems Turning to Nature for Solutions, Food Processing, Posted August 17, 2018. Published under the title “Antioxidants Turn to Nature” in the September 2018 print issue.

O’Donnell, C. D., Experts Officially Agree: Nuts Are Healthy, Food Processing, Posted December 4, 2017

O’Donnell, C. D., Plant-Based Protein Ingredients: The Path to Wider Popularity, Posted on October 6, 2017, Prospector Knowledge Center, Underwriter Laboratories

O’Donnell, C. D., 2017. Where are we on Defining “Natural?” Food Processing, Sept., 2017.

O’Donnell, C. D., 2016. Ingredientes naturales en auge, Énfasis Alimentación, octubre 2016. [con el permiso expreso por Énfasis Alimentación, una copia está disponible]

O’Donnell, C. D., 2016. Innovación Proteica,  Énfasis Alimentación, agosto 2016. [con el permiso expreso por Énfasis Alimentación, una copia está disponible]

O’Donnell, C. D., 2016. Plant Protein Popularity Picks Up. Food Processing, October 06, 2016
O’Donnell, C. D., 2016. Even Old-Fashioned Proteins Have More Functional Futures.  Food Processing, January 18, 2016.

O’Donnell, C. D., 2015. Fighting Diabetes With Fiber and Fermentation. Food Processing, July, 2015.

O’Donnell, C.D., 2015. El Auge de las Proteins, Énfasis Alimentacion. Abril 2015.

O’Donnell, C. D., 2014. A Different Future for Insect Proteins. Food Processing, December 2014.

O’Donnell, C. D. 2014. Probiotics Showing Growth in the Food and Beverage Market. Food Processing, August, 2014.

O’Donnell, C. D. 2014. Fruits: More than Just Nutrition. Fruit-Based Ingredients Offer Formulation Functionality Beyond Health. Food Processing, June, 2014.

O’Donnell, C. D. 2014. Formulating for a Sweet Perception With Natural Sweeteners. Food Processing, April, 2014.

O’Donnell, C. D. 2014. New Proteins Offer Nutritional And Functional Benefits. Food Processing, January 30, 2014

O’Donnell, C. D. 2013. Formulating for Higher Protein Values. Food Processing, September 24, 2013.

O’Donnell, C. D. 2013.  Probiotics – From Weight Management to Survival Skills. Food Processing, July 16, 2013

O’Donnell, C. D. 2013. Formulation Tips for Resistant Starches. Food Processing, May 15, 2013

O’Donnell, C. D. 2013. Understanding Protein as A Functional Ingredient. Food Processing, January 25, 2013

O’Donnell, C. D. 2012. Formulating Fundamentals: Whole Grains 101. Food Processing, November 27, 2012

O’Donnell, C. D. 2012. Designing Desirable Whey Proteins. Food Processing, October 04, 2012

O’Donnell, C. D. 2011. Tendencias Globales en Colorantes. Industria Alimenticia. August, 2011.

Journal of Foodscience coverO’Donnell, C. D. 1995. R&D Horizons. Fruit Products: A Natural Choice. Prepared Foods. March, 1995.

O’Donnell, C. D. 1995. Mid-America Dairymen: Ahead of the Curve.  Prepared Foods. March, 1995.

O’Donnell, C. D. 1995. Flavors: Doing Double Duty. Functional flavors go beyond aroma to contribute taste and “feeling factors.” Prepared Foods. March, 1995.

O’Donnell, C. D. 1991. Implementation of HACCP at Orval Kent Food Company, Inc.  Foodservice Research International. Volume 6(3):197–207.

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