Peggy Johns

2018 Protein Trends & Technology Seminar

Business Strategies Program


Peggy JohnsPresentation: Innovative Challenger Brand Panel

Panelist: Peggy Johns, Chief Innovation Officer, EggLife, LLC 

Peggy Johns passion is to develop new and innovative products to provide ultra-low carbohydrate food alternatives. Trained as a food industry professional, she has a unique 30-year background in egg products production, food safety analysis, and risk assessment.  EggLife™ sandwich/tortilla wraps were nominated as a New Hope “Nexty Award” finalist at the Natural Products West Expo 2018.


A Personal Message: 

Hello, my name is Peggy Johns. I would like to share the creation of EggLife™ Sandwich/Tortilla wraps with you. First and Foremost, developing EggLife products is an attempt to help others (like myself) seek out a satisfying, low carbohydrate food alternatives. 

I am hypoglycemic and must monitor my carbohydrate intake very closely. Like most people I enjoy carbohydrate rich foods like bread and pasta but can only enjoy them in very small amounts, so I felt deprived. As a result, I became determined to make a low carbohydrate, high protein food that tastes like traditional high carbohydrate offerings. It was only natural that I gravitated to egg as a main ingredient given my vast egg products experience. I began experimenting with one of the ideas for a product one night in my home kitchen and the first egg wrap came to fruition. 

EggLife wraps are egg-centric products designed to provide a good-for-you option. Many individuals struggle with making good food choices due to accessibility. Potentially, the product’s availability and ease of use allows it to be accessible for retail, restaurants, and food service to increase good-for-you selections.     

Increasing health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease touch the lives of most Americans daily. Each day, people become more informed about these potential health risks and seek out good-for-you foods to balance and moderate their dietary lifestyle within our fast-paced society. Egg Life is extremely blessed and excited to help others achieve their dietary or lifestyle goals with the innovative new product.

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