Laurice Pouvreau

2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Technology Program: Formulating with Proteins

Laurice Pouvreau NIZOPresentation: Protein Blends: Increasing Ingredient Flexibility

Speaker: ‎Laurice Pouvreau, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, NIZO food research

As a Project Leader and Senior Scientist at NIZO food research, Laurice Pouvreau executes contract research projects for companies world wide. Her focus is on proteins, and more specifically on plant proteins and plant derived ingredients.

With a background in protein chemistry and enzymology, Laurice is now working on evaluating the potential of plant proteins as food ingredients. The challenge is now to obtain plant proteins with similar functional properties, flavor and mouthfeel as animal proteins (such as dairy proteins). Exciting projects are those which incorporate different areas of expertise within NIZO or with outside partners, since collaboration is a key “ingredient” to obtain the best possible results.

Within the last decade, a clear need in more sustainable products such as protein from vegetable source appeared in the market. NIZO believes that there are opportunities in valorization of the so-called side-streams of companies into more valuable components such as proteins, but also fibers, polyphenols (antioxidant), lignin and pigments.

2009-present Senior scientist
Employer: NIZO Food Research, Ede, The Netherlands
Job description: Senior scientist in the Texture and Flavour department with a focus on protein (plant proteins)
2012-2015 Project leader at TIFN: Food structuring.
The project has the goal to develop knowledge on how to control and modify the behaviour of protein structure elements at different length scales in relation to the product macroscopic properties. Special focus was brought on plant proteins as the project meant to be the first headstone for protein exchangeability.

2011-2015 Scientist at TIFN
Area: Relevant time & length scales for mechanical behavior of protein-based systems.

2010 Scientist at TIFN
Area: “High-protein food project”

2007 – 2009 Post-doctoral researcher
Project title: Bioethanol from wheat bran: a leapfrog forward

2004 – 2007 Post-doctoral researcher
Project title: Characterization of nitric oxide reductases from multiple microbial origins

1999 – 2004 Ph.D. researcher
Project title: Occurrence and physico-chemical properties of protease inhibitors from potato tuber (Solanum tuberosum)

About NIZO food research

NIZO food research is a privately-owned and operated contract research organization in The Netherlands with over 60 years of experience in protein technology. We apply our knowledge to improve your protein ingredient in taste, flavor, and stability. We specialize in successful translation of science into industrial applications.

For questions related to the presentation, please contact:
Dr. L.A.M. (Laurice) Pouvreau, Project Manager Texture
T: +31 318 659 425 M: +31 6 528 752 45 F: +31 318 650 400
P.O. Box 20, 6710 BA EDE, The Netherlands
Kernhemseweg 2, 6718 ZB EDE, The Netherlands

If you are interested in hearing more about NIZO food research, or would like to discuss how you can work with NIZO, please contact:
Dr. S.C. (Stacy) Pyett, Business Development Manager
T: +31 318 659 681 F: +31 318 650 400
P.O. Box 20, 6710 BA EDE, The Netherlands
Kernhemseweg 2, 6718 ZB EDE, The Netherlands

2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar:

Protein Blends: Increasing Ingredient Flexibility

The world demand for protein is expected to increase. Most traditional foods incorporate animal-derived proteins, and most ‘new source’ proteins do not yet perform to the same quality in application. Many consumer products bridge the gap by combining proteins from multiple sources, i.e. protein blends. Protein blends are used to optimise technical functionality, taste and cost leading a more flexible application of protein ingredients. This presentation focuses on the textural properties of protein blends in various formulations. Gelling and emulsifying properties of protein blends (dairy, animal, plant) will be discussed and related to the properties of the different proteins. Attendees will learn how to create synergistic effects and avoid typical product defects when incorporating proteins from multiple sources.


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