Kathy Groves

2016 Sweetener Systems Trends & Technologies Conference


Kathy Groves, Leatherhead Food ResearchPresentation: The Science Behind Sugar Reduction: Ingredient Functionality Beyond Taste

Speaker: Kathy Groves, Professor & Senior Consultant, Head of Science & Microscopy, Leatherhead Food Research

Kathy Groves has over 35 years’ experience in food microscopy and product development where she has pioneered the use of microscopy for food structure analysis and quality assessment.  She has applied her expertise across multiple categories including snacks, confectionery and beverages, and numerous research areas including protein functionality, starch and fat interactions, meat quality, and emulsions.

Kathy has a degree in Biochemistry, is a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society and a member of IFST. She is also Visiting Professor at the University of Chester and has presented on nanotechnology and food to the Government’s House of Lords Select Science Committee.

2016 Sweetener Systems Trends & Technologies Conference Presentation Description:
The Science behind Sugar Reduction: Ingredient Functionality Beyond Taste

Producing healthier foods has never been higher on the public health/nutritional agenda; and the need for the food industry to reduce sugar in products is currently the most topical. However, the functionality of sugar extends far beyond taste and finding ingredients to replace it is a complex task. In this presentation, Professor Kathy Groves demonstrates how food microstructure and rheological techniques can provide a new perspective into ingredient functionality, opening the way to a more science-based approach to sugar reduction.



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