Will US Consumers Pay More for Natural Claims – Leatherhead


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Chart courtesy Leatherhead Food Research

(April 21, 2014—Global Food Forums, Inc.) A 2013 white paper “Do “natural” claims cut the mustard?” by Leatherhead Food Research suggests that “natural claims” may be devaluing the meanings of specific claims. Its survey of 500 US consumers shows they do not strongly differentiate between claims like “natural,” “organic” and “locally sourced.” Results show that 49% are willing to pay “slightly,” “somewhat” or “quite a bit more” for an organic product while 59% said they would pay the same  for a product claiming to be “natural.”

Do ‘natural’ claims cut the mustard?—Leatherhead Food Research (July 30, 2013) This is a link to request the white paper from Leatherhead Food Research.


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