2020 Sweetener Systems Conference

Part 1 of 2020 Super Summit

PresentationFrom Amazake to Acid Blockers: Culinary Strategies for Enhancing Sweetness

Speaker: Allison Rittman, C.R.C., Culinary Culture

Chef Allison Rittman is one of the first women to become a Certified Research Chef (CRC®) in the United States. She has over 25 years of experience in the food industry specializing in product and menu development, national account presentations and culinary trends.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Iowa and a degree in Culinary Arts from The Culinary Institute of America.

In August of 2007, Chef Allison established the Culinary Culture, a company specializing in culinary focused product development, based in Austin, Texas.  Before this endeavor, Chef Allison worked as a Corporate Research Chef for a culinary consulting firm, was a Research Chef for a premier cheese manufacturer in Wisconsin, and began her culinary career by working in several upscale restaurants in a variety of kitchen positions.

At Culinary Culture and as chefs, “we understand how important the culinary element is to the development of commercializable and reproducible food products,” says Allison. “As scientists, we understand the parameters involved in making prototypes a reality within a manufacturing or foodservice setting. We work to ensure your final product works efficiently within your system, and most importantly, tastes great!”

Chef Allison is an active member of the Research Chef’s Association, American Culinary Federation, and the Institute of Food Technologists.  Allison was awarded the President’s Award in 2008 and 2016, and is a past board member of the RCA.

2020 Sweetener Systems Conference Presentation

Title: From Amazake to Acid Blockers: Culinary Strategies for Enhancing Sweetness

Sweeteners such as sugar, stevia, monk fruit and honey are “go to” natural ingredient tools for formulated foods and beverages. However, by expanding one’s horizon to look to strategies and on-trend food components used in fine dining, creative and flavorful new options can be found. This presentation investigates potential emerging sweeteners not yet utilized in mainstream food products. Supported by a food science background, it will delve into sophisticated ways in which complimentary food components can enhance sweetness and even functionality for a superior sensory experience. Find new approaches to sweeten foods for now and into the future.


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