Alan Rownan

2017 Clean Label Conference


Alan Rownan Euromonitor

Presentation: Increasing Consumer Confidence and Driving Value through Clean Label Claims Globally

Speaker: Alan Rownan, Masters Degree, Ethical Labels Analyst, Euromonitor International


Alan Rownan is responsible for both producing content and enhancing the research behind Euromonitor International’s Passport: Ethical Labels database. Alan primarily focuses on the packaged food and drinks industries, providing key insights and analysis into the movement toward increasing transparency and accountability with the consumer. This involves closely monitoring both ethical claims relating to sustainable trade, farming and environmental protection, to personal beliefs and animal welfare statements both on product packaging and also within corporate social responsibility reports made by leading global players.

In addition to this, Alan has presented at major industry events including Food Matters Live (London, 2015), Vitafoods Europe (Geneva, 2016) and the ICCO Cocoa Market Outlook Conference (London, 2016) and regularly provides article contributions to leading trade and industry publications.

Alan holds a Master’s degree in Ethics from Dublin City University and an undergraduate degree in Journalism & Editorial Design from the University of Wolverhampton.

2017 Clean Label Conference Presentation:
Increasing Consumer Confidence and Driving Value through Clean Label Claims Globally


Driving value in developed markets is becoming increasingly difficult, and innovating to accommodate evolving consumer preferences has become of paramount importance for food industry players. Many strands have grown from the ever-expanding consumer wish-list, although few movements have had the impact that clean label has had in various markets, as consumers demand simple, decoded ingredients listings as bridges of trust and transparency with big food companies. As demand continues to grow, Euromonitor International will utilize its new Passport Ethical Labels system to showcase detailed coverage of the growing value of clean label products across 26,000 brands in 26 strategically selected markets.


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