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Sophisticated Solutions for Simplified Products

Efforts to formulate packaged foods, beverages and nutritional products with consumer- and export-friendly ingredients continues to grow globally. Global Food Forums® 6th annual Clean Label Conference, held March 26-27, 2019 was an in-person product development event focused on providing practical, how-to formulation and other actionable advice to R&D and applied product development specialist working in this arena.

Our 2020 Clean Label Conference will be part of a Super Summit:


♦ March 24, 2020, Itasca, IL, USA – 4th annual Sweetener Systems Conference
♦ March 25-26, 2020, IL, USA – 7th annual Clean Label Conference

The annual Clean Label Conference  is the industry’s only product development event dedicated to providing practical, impartial, “how-to” formulation advice to R&D and applied food scientists striving to create simplified ingredient labels.

• 10 general session speakers on key clean label ingredient technologies, regulatory updates and consumer trend insights. Speakers are non-supplier aligned and experts on their topics.

• 18 Technology Snapshot presentations on new clean label ingredients and other tools to assist in the formulation of safe, convenient, sensory-pleasing foods and beverage. Ingredients profiled are jury selected.

• Nine casual networking activities (including 2 breakfasts, morning breaks, lunches, receptions and an afternoon break) will enable you to network with peers, leading food science experts and ingredient vendors including 30+ knowledgeable tabletop exhibitors.

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