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Protein Seminar Tabletop ExhibitorsA sincere thank you to the suppliers listed below for their support of our 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar. Their contributions make it possible to provide attendees with a more robust and richer educational and networking experience.

Please scroll down to see the offerings of all of our sponsors and exhibitors. Click on the logos to access company websites.

AIDP; Amano Enzyme; Agropur; Austrade; Axiom Foods; Biogon; Bioriginal; Blue Pacific Flavors; Cosucra; CP Kelco; DSM; Edlong; Emsland; Erie; Euromonitor International; Fenchem; Fonterra; Frieslandcampina; Givaudan; Grande; Idaho Milk Products; IDF; Ingredion; Kerry; Layn corp; MGP;FCI Flavors Milk Specialties; Parabel; Puris; Roxlor; Sensus America; Slovay; Synergy Flavors; Tamarack Biotics; Tatua; Texture Technologies; USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council.


Diamond Sponsor of the Ballroom Seat Cover, Formulating with Protein Magazine and an Exhibitor
Ingredion logo

Ingredion is a leading global ingredient solutions provider to the food and beverage industries. With our exclusive partnership with AGT Foods, Ingredion now offers a comprehensive line of highly sustainable pulse proteins. VITESSENCE™ pulse proteins deliver a clean taste profile, excellent emulsification and nutritional balance to your product portfolio. HOMECRAFT® pulse flours can boost the nutritional profile of your formulations and also help support popular label claims such as gluten-free. Both products enable plant based goodness, with non-GMO and low allergenicity benefits. Count on Ingredion to anticipate and deliver high-quality ingredients and market shaping innovations.

Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein Magazine and the Attendee Binder
Givaudan logo


Givaudan is the global leader in the creation of flavors and tastes. In close collaboration with food and beverage partners, it develops tastes that delight consumers the world over. Strategically focused on Health and Wellbeing, Givaudan is investing in advanced solutions for flavorful high protein products and next generation protein sources. With a passion to understand consumers’ preferences and a relentless drive to innovate, Givaudan is at the forefront of creating flavors that “engage your senses.”

Sponsor of the Notepad, Formulating with Protein Magazine and an Exhibitor
Milk Specialties logo

Milk Specialties Global is an industry-leading manufacturer of nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness, performance nutrition and functional food industries, with manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois and California. The core of Milk Specialties Global’s business is in high protein ingredients, such as whey protein isolates, whey protein concentrates (at 34% to 80% protein), milk protein isolate, milk protein concentrates (at 70% to 85% protein), organic dairy protein, hydrolysates, and specialty proteins (micellar casein and isolates).
Also provided are lactose and permeate as well as other value added ingredients.

Sponsor of the Wednesday PM In-Conference Attendee Gift, Formulating
with Protein Magazine and an Exhibitor
Axiom Foods logo

Axiom Food is on the cutting edge of concentrating protein from plants. We’re involved in clinical trials and education by sponsoring Plant Protein Month each April. We are affecting change in the global food supply, by bringing compassion to the food business and showing the world that animals are not necessary to build muscle. We’re at the forefront of rice becoming the new wheat – and the new meat. Just ask CNBC.

Sponsor of the Registration Desk Gift and an Exhibitor
Fenchem logo

Headquartered in Nanjing, China, with sales, service and warehousing around the globe, we have established our brand as one of quality, consistency and reliability. For more than two decades we have dedicated ourselves to state-of-the-art materials selection, manufacturing, logistics and service. Our international team has the knowledge and the commitment to support your company and customers globally. Let Fenchem be your trusted partner in supplying the highest quality ingredients, on time and at a great price.

Sponsor of the Wednesday Breakfast
IDF logo

International Dehydrated Foods, Inc. (IDF™) is the largest producer of advanced technology ingredients from poultry, including breakthrough chicken protein powders and bone broth protein. Our innovative product technologies include patent-pending CHiKPRO™ Chicken Protein Powder, SIP™ Bone Broth Protein, and new IDF® Organic Chicken Ingredients. IDF™ is a family-owned business, and a trusted supplier to the largest global food and supplement manufacturers for 35 years.

Sponsor of the Wednesday Reception and an Exhibitor
Austrade logo

Austrade Inc. is a leading supplier of Non-GMO and Organic vegan proteins: Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein 45% + 55% |
Heliaflor® 55C | Heliaflor® 70 | Heliaflor® 80C | Heliaflor® Flakes | Heliaflor® N | Almond Protein 50% + 60% | Cashew Protein 35% | Chia Protein 30% | Coconut Protein 17% | Cranberry Protein 15% | Golden Flax Protein 30% | Hemp Protein 50% | Lupine Protein 39% | Pea Protein 80% | Pomegranate Protein 18% | Potato Protein 75% | Pumpkin Seed Protein 60% | Wheat Germ Protein 25% | White Rice Protein 80% | Brown Rice Protein 80% | Sprouted Brown Rice Protein 80%.

Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein Magazine
Kerry logo

As consumers’ interest in nutrition and general wellness grows, Kerry is responding with a focus on Taste & Nutrition. We are experts at placing the science of nutrition at the forefront of food and beverage product development. Kerry began as a dairy co-operative in 1972 and has strategically grown to be a leading global supplier with an extensive protein offering, including a portfolio of dairy and plant-based protein solutions developed for a wide variety of applications.

Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein Magazine
and an Exhibitor
Tatua logo

For over 100 years, Tatua has focused on building the future of specialized dairy ingredients and dairy foods. Tatua dairy herds
graze fresh New Zealand pasture every day, no Genetically Modified feeds or artificial growth hormones are used, and our quality system is recognized globally for its comprehensive standards. Our product portfolio includes Caseinates and Whey Protein Concentrate, and a full complement of Whey and Casein Hydrolysates, Specialized Milk Protein Concentrates, and Specialty Proteins such as Lactoferrin. Coupled with our unique Dairy Flavor Ingredients, we offer complete solutions for delivering the highest quality protein ingredients with superior flavor profiles.

Sponsor of the Wednesday Lunch and an Exhibitor
USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council logo

The USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council represents the
U.S. dry pea, chickpea and lentil industry. Also known as pulses; dry peas, lentils and chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are nutrition powerhouses packed with protein, fiber and other essential nutrients. Pulses can be found in everything from lentil flour to hummus and are versatile in all kinds of recipes. Also, lentils, dry peas and chickpeas benefit the soil and work well in many crop rotations

Sponsor of the Wednesday AM Attendee Gift and an Exhibitor
MGP Ingredients logo

Founded in 1941, MGP is the largest
U.S. supplier of specialty wheat proteins and starches. All of the company’s wheat starches and many of its wheat proteins are Non-GMO Project Verified. MGP offers Clean Label ingredients, along with a gluten-free fiber option, and has recently obtained Certified Organic status. Among prominent ingredients in MGP’s portfolio are the following:
* Arise® Wheat Protein Isolates
* TruTex® Textured Wheat Proteins
* Fibersym® RW Resistant Wheat Starch
* Midsol™ Cook-Up Wheat Starches
* Pregel™ Instant Wheat Starches
Let MGP’s experts assist you with selecting the right ingredients for your product formulations. Visit mgpingredients.com/food or call 866.547.5122 for more information.

Sponsor of the 2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar
Euromonitor International logo

Euromonitor International is the world’s leading independent provider of global business intelligence and strategic market research, creating data and analysis on thousands of products and services around the world. Euromonitor International’s global market research database, Passport, provides statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide.Passport connects market research to your company goals and annual planning, analyzing market content, competitor insight and future trends impacting businesses globally.

Sponsor of the Wednesday AM Break and an Exhibitor
Synergy Flavors logo

Synergy Flavors® is a global supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the food, beverage, and nutrition industries. With over 130 years of expertise, Synergy combines a heritage of flavor development with proprietary extraction technology, blending art and science to create exceptional taste profiles. Research and collaboration with our parent company, Carbery, a leading innovator in whey protein, enables Synergy to develop high quality solutions that strike the perfect balance of inspiring taste and performance.

Sponsor of the Protein Product Sampling Station
and an Exhibitor
Cosucra logo

Cosucra has been processing natural ingredients since 1852. Being more than a supplier; we partner with our customers to help them improve existing food applications and develop new ones. Cosucra provides market insights, applicative know-how and support in nutritional and regulatory topics.Its Pisane® is a highly pure pea protein isolate that provides high levels of nutrition and functionality. This free from common allergen vegetable protein is the alternative to regular protein isolates in nutritional and vegan food applications.

Sponsor of the Wednesday AM and PM Snack Service
and an Exhibitor
Puris logo

PURIS™ is a family-owned company founded in 1985 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Built with intention over 30 years, our plant-based food system benefits every link in the chain of production: flavorful and nutritious choices for people, profitable opportunities for growers, flexible ingredients for food makers, and practices that nourish soil, the environment, and life on earth. We are proud to be the ONLY grown and made in the USA Pea Protein Company. Our offerings include not just pea protein, but pea starches and pea fibers as well as whole pulse flours including chickpea, faba, black bean and red and green lentils to name just a few.

Sponsor of the Attendee In-room Gift and an Exhibitor
AIDP logo

AIDP has an extensive portfolio of plant-based proteins. Over 20 variations of products are offered to meet the need for good taste and texture, low heavy metals and price considerations. The plant proteins are ideal for today’s food market and healthy consumer. Plant proteins address the continually rising costs of other protein sources, and a growing vegan market. AIDP protein products are available in organic and non-organic varieties.

Sponsor of the Attendee Seminar Bag and an Exhibitor
Blude Pacific Flavors logo

Blue Pacific Flavors is committed to achieving Farm to Flavor authenticity in our products. We are pioneers in the natural, GMO-free and Organic category, focusing ingenuity and science to create authentic fruit flavors, sweet flavors and clean label ingredients. Partner with us in our state-of-the art R&D Application facilities for your next beverage, plant-based milk, bakery, nutritional food/supplement, frozen dessert or diary project www.bluepacificflavors, Office 1-626-934-0099

Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein Magazine
and an Exhibitor
Frieslandcampina logo

As part of Royal FrieslandCampina, one of the largest dairy cooperatives with 18,645 dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and a worldwide presence in over 32 countries, FrieslandCampina Ingredients has unique control of the complete value chain, ensuring the highest possible level of quality. We work with dedication and passion to redefine dairy-based ingredients across North America and create opportunities for innovation, while delivering the highest level of nutrition to mainstream food and beverages. Our specialized categories include Infant, Medical, and Performance Nutrition. From grass-to- glass, we bring the greatest innovative, nutritional and functional value to customers’ products.

Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein Magazine and an Exhibitor
CP Kelco logo

In formulating food and beverages today, manufacturers are faced with a range of challenges, from keeping up with consumer preferences to understanding changes in available technologies. When addressing the need for texture, mouthfeel, suspension and/or protein stabilization, product developers can rely on highly functional and versatile hydrocolloids from CP Kelco to play a key role. With our state-of-the-art R&D facilities and experts around the globe, CP Kelco offers world-class product development to support our customers.

Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein Magazine

FutureCeuticals, Inc. is an industry leader in the research, development and manufacture of fruit, vegetable and grain-based products for the functional food, cosmetics and dietary supplement markets. With over 2,000 acres of farmland and over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing and research facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, California and Europe, we are vertically integrated from field to finished product and offer a comprehensive line of fruit, vegetable and grain-based powders, extracts and blends.

Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein Magazine and an Exhibitor
Agropur logo 3in-300 Agropur Ingredients is a global supplier of ingredients and services developed to create success in the food, beverage and nutritional industries. Whether sourcing ingredients or offering finished products, Agropur Ingredients has vast expertise in health, wellness and functional applications.
Sponsor of the Formulating with Protein
Idaho Milk Products logo Idaho Milk Products is a privately held international milk processing leader supplying Milk Protein Concentrate and Isolate, Milk Permeate and Cream to global food and nutrition companies. Owned by two American dairies, Idaho Milk Products has the world’s freshest and consistently highest quality dairy ingredients available. Idaho Milk Products operates the largest dedicated, Grade A designated and SQF certified, Milk Protein Concentrate and Isolate processing plant in the world.
Tamarack Biotics logo

TruActive™ MPC 85 is the world’s first dairy ingredient to receive GRAS status for an alternative to pasteurization. Our cold processed UV treatment retains immunologically active raw milk proteins that pasteurization destroys. Independent measurements proved TruActive™ contains 20 to 48 times more complement proteins than competitive MPC 85 products. A clinical trial demonstrated TruActive™ more than doubled vaccine response compared to a soy protein. The taste and dissolution are excellent as the proteins are un-denatured.

DSM logo

DSM scientists have developed a new technology that creates a valuable plant-based and mask off-notes while replicating real dairy taste and simplifying labels across a range of sweet, savory and plant-based applications. Our flavors also enhance taste and richness in products with reduced sugar, salt or fat. Rely on the only WBENC certified woman-owned protein source from the by-product of canola oil extraction. Called CanolaPRO™, it has a wide range of uses in food production. CanolaPRO™ has a very high nutritional quality (PDCAAS=1) and contains all the essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and body maintenance in an optimal ratio. It has a balanced taste profile that can be incorporated in a broad range of applications. CanolaPRO™ is entirely soluble over a broad pH range and shows outstanding foaming and emulsifying properties without grittiness.

Sensus logo

Sensus America is a leading manufacturer of Chicory RootFiber. These ingredients are distinguished in the market by unique, functional properties.Properties such as texture enhancement, humectancy and sweetness provide a range of benefits, including sugar and fat replacement. These properties have proven beneficial in products geared toward the trend of increased fiber and protein. Nutritionally, research shows that Chicory Root Fiber consumption limits calorie intake providing synergies with protein in the area of weight management.

Roxlor logo

Roxlor specializes in the manufacture and distribution of innovative, branded ingredients for the food, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical markets. Roxlor marketed ingredients include Cynatine® FLX (joint health), Cynatine® HNS (internal beauty), EnzyBoost® (improved digestion and systemic enzyme complex) and ProGo™ (Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein). ProGo™ is a natural, highly functional protein isolate made from marine sources, extracted through a natural process so functional and nutritional properties are preserved. It is hydrolyzed, so that it contains oligopeptides and peptides with a molecular weight of less than 3000 Daltons (50% of the peptides are less than 1000 Daltons). Visit www.Roxlor.com

Edlong logo

Experience the science and art of authentic taste. Edlong’s natural dairy and dairy-free flavors provide unique functionality to build mouthfeel flavor house to shorten the commercialization of your food and drink launches.

Texture Technologies logo

Texture Technologies is the North American distributor of the TA.XT family of Texture Analyzers.The TA.XT Plus is the leading texture analyzer used in the food industry. Our experience ranges through meats, cereals, vegetables and a host of various ingredients. The TA.XT Plus is the latest in the series of Texture Analyzers. The Exponent software allows for an unlimited variety of tests and test conditions. Tests can be automated for a one- button activation so even inexperienced operator can conduct routine tests. We have a wide range of probes and fixtures to suit any product test.

Amano Enzyme logo

Amano Enzyme USA manufactures microbial sourced, Non-GMO enzymes for a number of applications involving protein hydrolysis and processing, including proteases and peptidases for improving physical properties of proteins, flavor of meat and vegetable protein hydrolysates, enhancing dairy flavors, production of whey/casein hydrolysates, in addition to other applications in the food, nutraceutical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Kosher and Halal certified material is available.

Grande Custom logo

Grande® manufactures specialized dairy ingredients for food and beverage processors, providing dedicated staff along with a technology center and test kitchen for customer support and new product development. Grande Bravo® whey proteins have unique water binding & textural properties. Grande WPCrisp® is a patented line of textured whey protein crisps. Grande Primo® Yogurt Powder delivers authentic yogurt flavor and creamy texture. Grande Ultra® Whey Protein Isolate has the optimum combination of clarity and flavor.

Parabel logo

Parabel extracts protein from water lentils producing the award-winning ingredient LENTEIN from their hydroponic farms in Florida. The system recycles 98% of the water and the crop is harvested every day. The hypoallergenic protein is highly digestible, higher in Essential Amino Acids and BCAA’s than other plant proteins including soy. The green version – LENTEIN Complete – also contains Omega3, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It works well in protein drinks but also in snacks and bars.

Bioriginal logo

Bioriginal sources, formulates, blends and packages a variety of organic plant and dairy proteins and specialty nutrition products. Using our network of company-owned facilities throughout North America, we work closely with our strategic customers to develop finished turnkey retail products in the customer’s brand. Bioriginal’s proteins include organic bovine, goat, pumpkin, hemp, SolaThin® potato and Alfapro® alfalfa extracts. Forms range from concentrates and isolates to organic and non-GMO options. Packaging includes tubs, bottles, sachets, capsules and bulk.

Erie logo

Family owned since 1938, Erie specializes in dairy protein ingredients. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of calcium, sodium, and potassium caseinates, milk protein concentrate, and milk protein isolate. It also offers specialty pre- mixes and custom formulations. ERIE will feature its latest innovation, PRO-CRISPS®, at this Seminar. PRO-CRISPS® pack 90% AS-IS protein content into a milk protein crisp and are Gluten Free, Non-GMO, All Natural, Low Carb, and endlessly customizable. PRO- CRISPS® won Food Ingredients Europe’s (FIE) “Growth Categories Innovation Award” in November 2017.

Fonterra NZMP Sure Protein logo

Ingredients by Fonterra logo

NZMP is the dairy ingredients brand of Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter. NZMP represents high performance dairy ingredients and delivers a combination of unmatched expertise, world-leading processes and quality. With grass fed, non GMO Project verified and organic offerings, NZMP offers the broadest ingredient range in the industry including the specialized SureProteinTM range for sports and nutritional applications including beverages and snack foods which will be available to sample.

Slovay logo

Designing vanillin-based solutions since 1884, Solvay Aroma Performance was the first to synthetize and produce the vanillin molecule on an industrial scale. Solvay’s portfolio includes vanillin- based natural solutions for masking protein off-notes and boosting the overall taste of food, beverage and dietary supplements. Aroma Performance is part of Solvay, a multi-specialty chemical company, with around 24,500 employees in 61 countries and net sales of €10.1 billion in 2017.

FCI Flavors logo

FCI Flavors provides superior quality flavors to the supplement, natural foods and functional foods industries. FlavorSweet® is an all-natural masking agent and flavor enhancer. It is excellent for masking off notes associated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts and high intensity sweeteners. FlavorSweet® has a clean, slightly sweet profile that works well with most flavor systems and is label friendly. FlavorSwee® is now available USDA Organic.

Emsland Group logo

Emsland Group is a manufacturer of plant-based
ingredients from renewable raw materials including potatoes and peas. The company uses nature to create a diverse ingredient portfolio of vegetable proteins, clean label and modified starches, fibers, potato flakes and granules for use in a wide variety of food formulations. Emsland specializes in the production, application and supply of plant-based ingredients to advance the constantly growing health and wellness market segment. expertise, world-leading processes and quality. With grass-fed, Non-GMO Project Verified and organic offerings, it offers the broadest ingredient range in the industry including the specialized SureProtein™ range for sports and nutritional applications including beverages and snack foods. Samples will be available.

Biogon logo

Biogon, GmbH introduces A20plus, the first 100% hydrolyzed whey protein that is not bitter. 70% oligos divided into 65% tri- and dipeptides and 35% amino acids, A20plus sets a higher standard for “light” protein absorption, internally and topically. New bottle system, shake and drink an easy mixable powder which stays suspended. A20plus eliminates unpleasant texture, intestinal discomfort, with no sensitivity to hot and cold.


Layn Corp is a global leader in the vertically integrated production of premium quality natural sweeteners. With 20+ years of experience, Layn has pioneered the natural high-intensity sweetener industry with innovative products designed to meet the needs of our international food, beverage and pharmaceutical customer base. Layn’s portfolio of monk fruit, stevia extracts and other functional botanicals offers a superior taste profile, focus on sustainability and proprietary formulations to satisfy a broad range of customer-specific applications.



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