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In the U.S. as in many other countries, there has been increased focus on ingredients that sweeten products by the healthcare community, government regulators, consumers and the food industry.

2016 SSC Tabletop exhibits

Tabletop exhibits at the 2016 Sweetener Systems Conference

Knowing that new FDA regulations will require “added sugar” to be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel of most foods by July 26, 2018 and also that significant advances are being made in sensory science and ingredient technologies, Global Food Forums® made the decision to host first Sweetener Systems Conference.

Designed for food technologists involved in product formulations (see the Program tab), the event provided updates on consumer attitudes, sugar reduction formulations, emerging technologies, nutritional aspects, sensory, regulatory and analytical issues.

With an enthusiastic audience of over 160 industry insiders for Its “maiden voyage,” the conference was a great success. Global Food Forums is currently developing another excellent program for the 2017 Sweetener Systems Conference on November 7, 2017, at the Lombard Westin, in Lombard, IL, USA.

Sucrose Molecule

Sucrose Molecule

Conference Benefits to Attendees:

Global Food Forums Bullet Point   Product developers increased their personal expertise in order to contribute to company goals by gaining insights into technical challenges and solutions related to formulating with sweeteners.

Global Food Forums Bullet Point   Attendees improved ability to predict the future, which guides current activities, though greater understanding of consumer attitudes and analytical issues.

Global Food Forums Bullet Point   Tabletop exhibits gave attendees an opportunity to investigate, one-on-one, highly functional ingredient solutions that assist in this always present formulation challenge.

Global Food Forums Bullet Point   Numerous networking opportunities provided attendees with personal interaction with esteemed speakers, industry leaders, peers and participating ingredient suppliers.

Global Food Forums Bullet Point A Sweetener Sampling Station allowed attendees to sample the ingredients introduced to the marketplace in the last few years as well as unique taste-modifying food components.

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