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Sophisticated Solutions for Simplified Products

Food news bites, ideas, statistics and insights into some of the food science behind “natural,” “clean,” simplified ingredient legends are offered here.

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 2016 Food, beverage, nutritional product trends Global Food Forums has again compiled a list of 2016 top food, beverage and nutritional product trends lists. Many list items directly related to our events. This page was first posted in October, 2015, additional lists will be added during November and December 2015 and January 2016.
Freezing Point Depression Chart




Chart courtesy of http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu

…. Food industry news abounds with examples of food companies striving for simpler, more natural-appearing ingredient legends. The goal of Global Food Forums’ Clean Label Conference, however, is to provide critical “how-to” formulation advice for technical staffs working in this area. Marty Porter, Merlin Development, says that when looking for natural sweetener ingredients, considerations include their colligative properties (e.g., Freezing point depression, Boiling Point Elevation, Osmotic Pressure, Vapor Pressure (Water Activity) as well as functional properties (Flavor/Sweetness, Water Control, Viscosity, Foam Stabilization, Cohesiveness, crystallization control, texture modification via glass transition). – Fruit and Vegetable Ingredient Toolbox: Opportunities for Clean Label Formulation, 2015 Clean Label Conference


 Kind bar example of transparency The clean label trend is driven by consumers, globalization of food distribution and food technologies (or at least enabled by food technology). In turn this trend has at least three impacts on packaging. They include verbiage on labels (e.g., claims and ingredient legends); the packaging material used, which communicates subtle impressions to consumers; and, the packaging materials, which might perform some of the functions of the ingredients used, such as prevention of oxidation. This and other comments are offered in an interview with Global Food Forums’ co-owner, Claudia O’Donnell. –Packaging Digest, May 21, 2015
In the spring of 2015, Panera Bread announced a “Clean Ingredient” initiative. “We are advocates for clean food. We’re committed to sourcing and serving high-quality ingredients without artificial additives including added MSG, artificial trans fats, and ingredients we don’t believe need to be in your food,” says the company website. Global Food Forums notes such goals tend to be more easily accomplished with the shorter and more controlled food distribution channels that occur in the food service industry.     


 Eggs-150 Natural Products Expos and NEXT Trend released a top ten list of most influential natural food and beverage trends for 2015. This is their list below, but with added comments from  the Heart’s Kitchen is a Creative Culinary Agency on these trends are shaping the natural food industry. Global Food Forums(GFF)  has posted it in that at least three of the trends support #2 Paleo (Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar) and # 7.Clean, simple ingredients (Clean Label Conference).

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