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Sophisticated Solutions for Simplified Products

The global trend of packaged foods and beverages with simple, consumer-friendly, yet often sophisticated ingredients and processing technologies continues to grow. Drivers include consumers’ desire for “natural,” healthful, safe and convenient products; global product distribution systems demanding foods meet regulatory requirements of different countries; and, food technology advances that provide the food industry with simply-appearing but sophisticated ingredients for the creation of safe, healthy and great tasting foods.

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The 218 registrants at the 2015 Clean Label Conference were a 14% increase over the number of registrants at first Clean Label Conference held in 2013.

Global Food Forums, Inc.’s Clean Label Conferences are the only in-person events offering critical data, insights and hands-on technical advice for the development of foods meeting consumers’ expectations for transparent, pure, natural foods with ingredients they recognize and can relate to. Attendees take away actionable information to guide their company’s formulation, production and marketing of simple yet sophisticated clean label products.

As with all Global Food Forums’ events, general session speakers are not affiliated with ingredient vendors to help assure impartial, non-commercial presentations. However, the conference does schedule a series of Technology Snapshots. These 15 minute, concise presentations, chosen by a jury panel, provide information on the properties and characteristics of new commercially available ingredients. Attendees can gain actionable information to immediately assist their product design efforts. Click here for more information on Global Food Forums’ speakers and Technology Snapshots.

Individuals with R&D, marketing, innovation and brand management responsibilities and other technical and senior executive management decision-makers with gather invaluable insights for their daily to long-range job functions.

We invite you to click on the 2015 Clean Label Conference’s navigation bar above to see more information on its Programs, Attendees & Testimonials, Sponsors & Exhibitors, News Bites and Store with its links to 28 complimentary presentations (PDF format), from this event.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Clean Label Conference, March 29-30, 2016 at the Westin Hotel, Itasca (Chicago area), Illinois, U.S.A.

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