Natural Antioxidants: Maximizing Effectiveness for Shelflife Extension

Posted on:May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014, Global Food Forums — The following is an excerpt from the Ingredion sponsored “2013 Clean Label Conference Report.” Antioxidants, when present in food or in the body at low levels, can delay, control or prevent oxidative processes leading to food … Continue reading

When Natural Isn’t Good for You: Managing Food Safety, Litigation & Regulatory Risk

Posted on:May 1, 2014

What is clean labeling? There is no uniform definition, but in part, clean labeling is a response to consumers’ lack of knowledge regarding food science and safety. “Clean labels” tend to involve: 1) reducing the number of ingredients generally; 2) eliminating “chemical sounding” ingredients; and … Continue reading

Cooking to Save Your Life – More than a Cookbook

Posted on:

(June 1, 2014—Global Food Forums, Inc.) In the opening page of  “Cooking to Save Your Life,” by Chef Kurt Stiles, John Morey, Executive Chef of DNC Sport Service, Bank of America Stadium, Carolina Panthers writes “Five short years later [after … Continue reading

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