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We would like to thank the Sponsors and Exhibitors at the 2013 Clean Label Conference. Their support helped to make the event the positive and enjoyable experience that it was for attendees.

Please see their information and links to their websites as shown below. They include the American Egg Board, Beneo, Blue Pacific Flavors, Bio Springer. Caravan Ingredients, Chr. Hansen, Comax, ConAgra Mills, Dow AgroSciences, FONA International, Glanbia Nutritionals, Grain Millers, IDF, Ingredion, Kalsec, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, Nexira; Palsgaard, Roha, Savoury Systems International, Sensient Food Colors, Siemer Specialty Ingredients, Tate & Lyle, Tree Top, Wild Flavors and Z-Trim Ingredients.

*DIAMOND* Sponsor of the Tuesday Night Reception & PM Break & The Special  Report and an Exhibitor

Ingredion logoOnly Ingredion provides an ever-growing portfolio of innovative clean label ingredients, including functional native starches, functional flours and specialty sweeteners and emulsifiers. They have all the functionality of traditional ingredients to help you produce on-trend clean-label products. Check out our newest clean label innovation –  NOVATION Endura.If you’re looking to create
• soups
• sauces
• dressings
• prepared meals
• dairy products
• beverages
with all the process and shelf-life stability and texture benefits of products made with modified starches, but with “natural” or “organic” on the label, Ingredion has the ingredients and resources to help.

Sponsor of the Tuesday Morning Breakfast & Monday Evening Reception and an Exhibitor

Tree Top logoTree Top is one of the world’s largest producers of fruit products and primary ingredient supplier to the U.S. Market and global food and beverage industry. We process virtually every kind of fruit into a variety of high-quality, value-added products. Our comprehensive portfolio includes fruit powders, frozen fruit, specialty fruit juice concentrates, fruit purées, formulated fruit preps, and bulk dried apples.In essence… More Fruits, More Forms, norwest naturalMore Possibilities.

 Sponsor of the Notepad

FONA logo 4c processFONA International creates and manufactures flavors for many of the largest food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies in the world from its state-of-the-art, 33-acre campus in Geneva, IL. Our flavor and regulatory experts will work with you to ensure your flavor is designed to meet your finished label needs, taking into consideration the unique needs of your product, company, industry and market region. From concept to manufacturing, we’re here every step of the way. Visit www.fona.com for more information.

 Sponsor of the Tuesday AM Break and an Exhibitor

ztrimZ-Trim is a highly functional Food Ingredient that is used by a growing number of food formulators seeking greater functionality and product performance than they can get from starches, gums, fats and other ingredients. These performance attributes have been proven beneficial in dressings and sauces, dairy, bakery and meat applications. Made from natural sources, either oat hulls or corn bran, Z-Trim assists food formulators in keeping clean labels, short and consumer-friendly.

 Sponsor of the Hotel Room Keycard and an Exhibitor

comaxComax Flavors is a world leader in proprietary flavors technology and innovation. We are a full-service, family-owned company which has served the needs of clients in the food and beverage industries for more than 35 years. We offer a wide range of flavors, from sweet to dairy and from savory to bakery goods. Comax has a well-earned reputation for commercial success in creating natural flavors and WONFs.

 Sponsor of the Attendee Bag and an Exhibitor

kalsecKalsec® is a privately held developer, producer and marketer of natural herb, spice and vegetable extracts for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Our products include herb and spice flavor extracts, rosemary antioxidants, natural colors, hop extracts and nutritional ingredients. Selling and marketing in more than 70 countries worldwide, Kalsec® is dedicated to providing consistent and reliable products backed with unparalleled technical expertise. Founded in 1958, the company is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.kalsec.com

 Sponsor of the Wednesday AM Break and an Exhibitor

Nexira LogoNexira is a leading supplier of innovative functional ingredients for the food & nutraceutical industries. Fibregum™ is an all-natural and GMO-free source of prebiotic soluble dietary fiber offering a minimum of 90% fiber and associated health benefits. FibregumTM’ has multifunctional benefits including being a natural emulsifier, texturizer, binder and encapsulation agent, and allows simple and consumer friendly labeling. Fibregum™ is the perfect natural, healthy and convenient solution to meet your clean label requirements.

Sponsor of the PT&T Tuesday Night Reception and Exhibitor

Dow Agrosciences logoAgroSciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company
and one of the world’s leading agricultural companies.  Our mission is discovering, developing, and bringing to market agricultural solutions for the growing world.Our healthy oils program is focused on improving canola and sunflower oils.  Naturally stable Omega-9 Oils were developed to replace the functionality of hydrogenation.  Omega-9 Oils are trans-fat free, have the lowest level of saturated fat among vegetable oils, and are high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

 Sponsor of the Attendee Registration Gift and an Exhibitor

grain millersAs a top-tier provider in the flaxseed industry for years, Grain Millers assets and proprietary technology give us the unique ability to create high-quality, pasteurized milled flaxseed products.  Our team includes Linda and Glenn Pizzey, pioneers in industry research, technology and innovation that have a proven track record in developing and delivering advanced nutritional and functional solutions for flaxseed.Industry expert Glenn Pizzey will present exciting product applications using SafeFlaxTM ingredients that will contribute to a cleaner label and reduce your costs!

 Sponsor of the Wednesday Breakfast and an Exhibitor

glanbiaGlanbia Nutritionals is an innovator in the expert delivery of science-led nutritional and functional ingredient solutions for an expanding range of foods and beverages. With core formulation expertise in dairy proteins, dairy peptides and ancient grains like flaxseed, Glanbia Nutritionals can help customers incorporate the clean label, nutritional and functionality benefits that consumers are seeking to support their healthy lifestyle. Visit www.glanbianutritionals.com to see how.

 Sponsor of the Wednesday Lunch and an Exhibitor

idfFor over 30 years, IDF™ has been crafting real food ingredients that are foundational in family meals. Now, IDF is introducing a new line of ingredients focused on maximizing flavor and nutritional value in a broad array of applications, including performance foods, snacks, and ready meals, including pasta!

With IDF’s High-Protein Chicken Powder, Chicken Broth, and Chicken Extract, you can bring real protein, flavor, function, and nutrition to consumers around the dinner table, at the office, and on the go.

 Sponsor of the Registration Lanyard and an Exhibitor

kerryKerry develops, manufactures and delivers innovative taste systems, functional and nutritional ingredients and integrated solutions for the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical markets worldwide.  As a leading global manufacturer and supplier, Kerry is committed to ensuring that our products can be consumed with confidence as part of a well-balanced diet.  Our global customers derive maximum synergies and value through utilizing Kerry’s broad range of food technologies, applications and culinary expertise and processing capabilities.

Sponsor of the Natural Colors Speaker and an Exhibitor

chr hasenChr. Hansen is the world’s leading supplier of natural colors for the food and beverage industry. Nature’s own products and processes are the cornerstone of Chr. Hansen’s development of ingredients. Our products are obtained from carefully selected raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.Backed by more than 130 years of experience we remain a young innovated company with a strong commitment to constant renewal and continued flow of innovative solutions.Chr. Hansen, Inc • 9015 W Maple Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214
Toll Free +1 800 558 0802 • www.chr-hansen.com

 Sponsor of the Tuesday Beverage Service and an Exhibitor

siemerSSI is a manufacturer of naturally treated grain products that are designed to replace chemically modified ingredients in various applications. You can remove modified food starches from soup, replace chlorinated cake flour with a natural alternative, and use ingredients such as wheat flour in applications where food safety is of concern. Stop by our table for more information!

 Sponsor of the Attendee Binder and an Exhibitor

bio springerBio Springer, the global leader in yeast extracts, specializes in the production and distribution of a complete range of yeast extracts, high umami yeast extracts, dried yeasts, autolyzed yeasts, and process flavors with unique poultry, roasted meat and cheese notes. Our clean label savory ingredients are functional in many applications including soups, frozen entrees, sauces, and seasonings. Visit our table top exhibit to taste a reduced salt seasoning for snacks showcasing our new cheese flavored yeast extract Springarom® CH7012.

 Sponsor of the Attendee Luggage Tags

blue pacificIs a family-owned, global manufacturer of innovative natural flavors and whole food ingredients to meet consumer demand for simple and authentic whole foods. A “Farm to Flavor™” company, Blue Pacific® is uniquely situated near local family fruit growers and processors in Southern California. The company has developed a line of Non-GMO Project Verified®, Farm Stand Whole Fruit Flavors™ as well as whole food ingredients that align with the transparency movement as well as clean labeled processed foods.

 Sponsor of the Clean Label Conference Website

wildWILD has many clean label products and ingredients. Our savory meat and vegetarian meat-type flavors as well as our FDA and new range of USDA Natural meat flavors very clean labels. Other WILD Technologies such as: SavorCrave™, Flavor Enhancers, Sweet Enhancers, SaltTrim® and Sea SaltTrim are also clean along with WILD’s Colors from Nature™ line allowing for vibrant stable colors derived from natural sources which have the benefit of clean labeling, over artificial FD&C colors.

 Sponsor of the Tuesday Attendee Gift

con agra millsAt ConAgra Mills®, we’ve cultivated a spirit of innovation that extends from our game changing ingredients, including Ultragrain® High Performance, Sustagrain® Ultra-high Fiber Barley, and ConAgra Mills Ancient Grains, to a slate of services to help you win. Whether it’s food-safety advances, novel operational approaches, unique supply chain solutions or our world-class risk management services, our experts are ready to share our next-thing thinking so that you can deliver your next break through idea.

Tabletop Exhibitor

savourSavoury Systems is a specialized flavor ingredient company offering yeast extracts, flavor enhancers, HVPs, salt replacers, organic yeast extracts, and seafood powders. Custom products are also available, and most items are Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, and Non GMO.We offer a wide variety of yeast extracts, which are used to provide flavor enhancement with a clean label. Products range from light, flavor enhancing extracts to dark, roasted types. Custom products can also be formulated for your needs.At Savoury Systems, we believe in providing top quality products for our customers, thus, our operations have up-to-date quality control and food safety procedures. Additionally, we continue to find ways to improve our facility and manufacturing practices.

Tabletop Exhibitor

corbion caravanCaravan Ingredients is a leader in food ingredients. We encompass over 100 years of experience delivering consistent quality to our customers. With a broad portfolio of ingredients including bread mixes, specialty bases, frozen dough, vitamin and mineral premixes, functional ingredients, emulsifiers & flour fortification, we serve a wide range of customer channels.

Tabletop Exhibitor

aebEggs are incredible when it comes to protein. Eggs set the standard for protein among ingredients with the highest PDCAAS (protein digestibility corrected amino acid score) – a perfect 1.0. This is an important factor when formulating for seniors, adults, teens and athletes who rely on a protein boost to maintain muscle function. American Egg Board is the U.S. egg farmers’ link promoting the functional and nutritional benefits of eggs to food formulators and health professionals.

Tabletop Exhibitor

benoThe BENEO Inc. portfolio consist of a line of naturally derived functional food ingredients with nutritional and technical advantages derived from chicory roots, beet sugar and rice. BENEO offers a portfolio of  functional and native rice starches with the ability to withstand higher cooking temperatures and shear conditions. In addition the high performance, native rice starches offer syneresis control and stability in retort and refrigerated dairy applications. The natural GMO free starches offer modified functionality and wholesomeness under the “rice starch” label in applications from dairy, retort, baked goods, fruit fillings and beverage applications.

Tabletop Exhibitor

palsgarrdPalsgaard specializes in manufacturing Non-GMO emulsifiers and stabilizer blends for the food industry, including bakery and dairy. Palsgaard® SA 6600 is a lean label emulsifier for industrial cakes containing only 1 emulsifier as opposed to the traditional 4 or 5. Palsgaard® AcidMilk 316 is our lean label solution for yogurt. The blend of fibers and starches creates a very smooth and creamy consistency, and a firm texture in stirred types of yogurt.

Tabletop Exhibitor

tate and lyleTate & Lyle is a global provider of distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions to the food and beverage industries. These ingredients add taste, texture, nutrition and increased functionality to products that millions of people around the world use or consume every day. Among our natural ingredients are these featured offerings:

  • PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract
  • TASTEVA™ Stevia Sweetener
  • SODA-LO™ Salt Microspheres
  • And many more

Tabletop Exhibitor

rohaSince 1974, ROHA has been a manufacturer of colors for food, personal care and pharmaceutical industry. We have a global network with 11 manufacturing facilities and 16 offices. Our existing product range includes FD&C colors, Natural (Exempt) Colors, D&C Colors, Titanium Dioxide, Caramel Colors, and customized solutions for your specific needs. Visit us at the IFT Expo 2013 where we will re-launch ROHA and showcase the changes and innovations that we are bringing to better serve our customers.

Tabletop Exhibitor

sensientSensient Food Colors delivers high-performance color solutions, safe and secure ingredients, and consistently stable colors to help customers achieve clean product labels. Sensient Colors achieves label simplicity through innovative natural color technology including aseptically packaged preservative-free colors, Microfine natural colors, and recently launched Advanced Emulsion Technology. These natural colors offer unique solutions to product developers who are challenged to design products with clean labels. Call us at 1-800-325-8110 or visit sensientfoodcolors.com to learn more.








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