2013 Clean Label Conference



Sophisticated Solutions for Simplified Labels

Globally, a key food industry trend is the development of packaged foods and beverages with simple, consumer-friendly and often multifunctional ingredients. Consumers’ desire for natural, healthy and convenient products is a fundamental driver. However, manufacturers offering such products not only benefit from increased revenues and more loyal customers, but also from reduced operating costs and fewer regulatory hurdles, especially when operating in the global marketplace.

Global Food Forums, Inc.’s 2013 Clean Label Conference is the only in-person event offering critical data, insights and hands-on technical advice focusing on consumer attitudes, product trends, regulatory considerations and the use of emerging and multi-functional natural ingredient systems. Such ingredients range from colorings to preservatives, texturizers to flavorings and components that enhance nutritional profiles, among others.

Attendees took away actionable information to guide their company’s formulation, production and marketing of simple yet sophisticated clean label products.

New at this event was a series of Technology Snapshots. These short and concise presentations on the properties and characteristics of new commercially available ingredients provide actionable information to immediately assist product design efforts. Click here for more information on Technology Snapshots.

Individuals with R&D, marketing, innovation and brand management responsibilities and other technical and senior executive management decision-makers with gather invaluable insights for their daily to long-range job functions.


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