Pink Slime and Sustainability

Posted on:March 31, 2012

A large percent of ground beef contains very finely “ground” beef known as lean finely texture beef or inaccurately “pink slime.” I’m confused (it sometimes happens). After reading many blogs and comments on lean finely textured beef, opps, I forgot … Continue reading

Five Trends-Chips, Black Soybeans, Seaweed, Ginger and Gluten-free Oats

Posted on:March 27, 2012

Here are five more trends seen at the 2012 Natural Products Expo West to be added to the “sweetener,” “kale,” and “coconut water” trends discussed in previous Global Food Forum blogs this March 2012. 1. Health Bars Down, Chips Up. … Continue reading

Coconut Water Conversation

Posted on:March 19, 2012

A multitude of exhibitors at the 2012 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, offered coconut-based foods and beverages. The trend is not new. Two years ago in May 2010 I wrote in Prepared Foods magazine that “virgin coconut oil … Continue reading

What is the Difference between Blogs and Articles?

Posted on:March 14, 2012

  Since I have written hundreds of articles over some 20 years as an editor on Prepared Foods (and originally Dairy Foods) magazine, most of my blogs end up looking like short articles. They probably take too long to write … Continue reading

Sweeteners to Kale-Trends at Natural Products Expo West

Posted on:March 11, 2012

First day of 2012 Natural Products Expo West was, as usual, packed solid by attendees. The show itself provided hints on to upcoming mainstream trends. As one attendee said “It’s where you go to see what will be popular in big … Continue reading

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