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There exists a need among food, beverage and nutritional product developers for practical, impartial, technical information. To meet this need, Global Food Forums® provides a family of applied food technology focused conferences.

These in-person events offer a rare combination of strategic insights and practical advice on food science-based formulation challenges; regulations; emerging ingredient technologies, nutrition and critical industry/consumer trends. The conferences are designed to facilitate a friendly peer-to-peer networking environment for decision-makers in R&D and other technical functions. Those in marketing, sales and executive management with responsibilities for strategic business development will also profit from the industry-specific information.

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The following is a two-part outtake from a 2016 Clean Label Conference presentation by Carl Jorgensen, Director, Global Consumer Wellness Strategy, Daymon Worldwide. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the “Long-form list” and “Short-from list” approaches taken by retailers to manage their "free from" ingredient efforts. Please wait as the second video clip automatically loads immediately after the first.    
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