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All presentations made available by the speakers at Global Food Forums, Inc.’s 2015 Clean Label Conference held March 31-April 1, 2015 at the Westin Hotel, Itasca, Illinois, USA are offered here for free. (Please join us March 29-30 at the 2016 Clean Label Conference.)

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Several presentations were adapted from their original form and/or expanded with  additional information. Additionally, some of the Technology Snapshots (15-minute presentations by ingredient vendors to assist in the formulation of consumer-friendly labels) are available below as well.

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Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights, spoke on “The Global Clean Label Phenomena: Trends, Insights & Implications.”

Global Food Forums bullet pointThe Global Clean Label Phenomena: Trends, Insights & Implications (password available for 2015 Clean Label Conference Attendees. Presentation slightly edited for online publication)
Lu Ann Williams, MBA, Director of Innovation, Innova Market Insights

Global Food Forums bullet pointFrom Natural to Non-GMO: What Regulators and Consumers Want You to Know
Catherine Adams Hutt, Ph.D., RD, Principal, RdR Solutions Consulting;
LLC/Chief Science and Regulatory Officer, Sloan Trends

Global Food Forums bullet pointMeaningful Clean Up: A Comprehensive View of a Developer’s Techniques & Options
Chef John Csukor, CEO, KOR Food Innovation

Global Food Forums bullet pointNatural Color in the USA: The Process to Natural Color Approval  — What Product Developers Need to Know
Ray Matulka, Ph.D., Director of Toxicology, Burdock Group

Global Food Forums bullet pointFruit & Vegetable Ingredient Toolbox: Opportunities for Clean Label Formulation
Martha (Marty) Porter, Scientist, Merlin Development


Dr. Jin Ji, Brunswick Laboratories, spoke on the antioxidant potential of plant-based materials.

Global Food Forums bullet pointAntioxidant Potential of Plant-based Food Ingredients and Whole Plant Foods (edited for online publication)
Jin Ji, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President, Brunswick Laboratories, Inc.

Global Food Forums bullet pointClean Label Anti-microbial Ingredients: How to Find Them? (edited for online publication)
Frank Schuren, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Microbiology, TNO Microbiology & Systems Biology

Global Food Forums bullet pointAnswering the Challenge: Label-friendly Emulsifiers and Surfactants for Food Systems
Professor Peter J. Wilde, Ph.D., Institute of Food Research

Global Food Forums bullet pointBack to the Future in Baking: Giving Baked Goods Today’s Desired Properties with the Basic Ingredients
David Busken, R&D Manager, Oak State Products

Global Food Forums bullet pointPanel: Processing Technologies and Their Central Role in Clean label Products

Speaker #1: Technology: The Core Ingredient in Natural Foods
Jeffrey P. Andrews, Sr. Director of Contracting Manufacturing, HP Hood

Speaker #2: High Pressure Processing: Opportunities and Challenges (additional references added for online publication)
Kathiravan Krishnamurthy Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, Illinois Institute of Technology

(To be added upon approval of individual speakers)

GNT USA, Inc.—Gold Standard in Clean Label Color
The Gold Standard in clean-label color.  Minimally processed colors, made from fruits, vegetable and plants, without chemical solvents, are the most clean-label alternative to replace FD&C dyes.  GNT will present technical insights and regulatory developments during the 2015 Clean Label Conference.

DDW, The Color House–“Simple Label” Brown Technologies DDW
Caramelized vegetables and fruits; other natural flavors with consistent color; oil-dispersible colorings that broaden the scope of natural options in fat systems; and certified-organic color blends.

Co-presenters Solazyme & Univar: AlgaVia™ Microalgae Food Ingredients
AlgaVia™ Lipid Powder can replace or reduce select oils and dairy fats in recipes, to make formulations healthier and more indulgent. AlgaVia™ Protein makes vegan protein fortification simpler, is free from known allergens, gluten free, and adds additional fiber and micronutrients to finished products.

Tate & Lyle—CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches (Edited for online posting)
Thanks to Tate & Lyle’s unique technology, CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches provide manufacturers the new label-friendly solution that overcomes existing challenges, offering process tolerance and sensory attributes similar to modified starches, while enabling a simple “corn starch” label.

Sensient Flavors & Fragrances—Natural Ingredients –Chili+ higher stability capsicum/paprika colorings
In response to growing consumer demand for cleaner labels, Sensient has developed all natural processes and excipients to create a line of color-stable and free-flowing capsicums.

Nexira— Efistab™ AA & SuperStab™ AA–Acacia gum emulsifiers for preservative free and challenging emulsions (will not be available online)

All-natural, acacia gum emulsifiers: Efistab™ AA — stabilizes clean label, liquid flavor emulsions where preservatives are replaced with up to 18%  alcohol. SuperStab™ AA– low-dose emulsifier for difficult to stabilize, liquid flavor emulsions.

Ingredion—NOVATION® Functional Native Starches (edited for online publication)
NOVATION® functional native starches provide the fully functionality of modified starch – processing tolerance and freeze-thaw, shelf-life stability — but with a clean “starch” label declaration. The portfolio includes 20 starches verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Naturex —Concentrated, Carrier-free Acerola Cherry Extract (edited for online publication)
Naturex has developed the most concentrated, carrier-free acerola cherry extract on the market containing 36-38% ascorbic acid. It is used as an antioxidant, curing enhancer, dough conditioner and for nutritional claims based on vitamin C.

CP Kelco—GENU BETA Pectin (Edited for online posting)
GENU BETA pectin provides formulators with a clean label pectin that is approved for use in organic products. It can be used to replace traditional emulsifiers in a variety of applications, like sauces and dressings.

PLT Health Solutions—Earthlight™ Whole Food Vitamin D (Edited for online posting)
Earthlight™ Whole Food Vitamin D is a vegan, whole food, non-GMO mushroom powder. Simple light exposure enhances the natural vitamin D in mushrooms, enabling low-level additions for “good” or “excellent” source claims.

Palsgaard—AcidMilk 316 vegetable fibers (Edited for online posting)
When the target is clean label, it is important to stabilizers that provide a firm structure and uphold a smooth and creamy consistency of the stirred yogurt. Fibers and native starch prove to be the perfect solution.

BENEO Inc.—Two Clean Label Rice Starches
BENEO-Remy showcases two clean label rice starches for usage in confectionery coatings and meat- injection/tumbling. Rice starch is characterized by small granule size; neutral color and taste; and smooth and delicate textures.

Sensus America, Inc.—Frutalose SF75
Frutalose SF75 from Sensus is a natural, low-calorie sweetener that can be used to reduce sugar in a variety of applications. It is 65% the sweetness of sugar and has a clean label as “chicory root fiber.”

Kemin—BactoCEASE NV-K Liquid (will not be available online)
BactoCEASE NV-K Liquid is a no-sodium, natural vinegar product that provides effective pathogen control in ready-to-eat meat and poultry products. Presentation will include a review of the data, labeling and advantages to this no sodium ingredient.

• CF Global Holdings—Coffee Flour
Coffee Flour is created from an innovation re-purposing discarded coffee cherry pulp and skins, allowing food manufacturers to offer gluten-free, natural, nutritious ingredients. It is high-fiber and a good source of potassium and has potential as a natural, effective shelflife extender.

Corbion—Verdad Family of Fermented/Cultured Sugar
The Verdad(R) family of fermented/cultured sugar ingredients brings a truly unique blend of label-friendliness, safety and extended shelflife in meat products for maximum consumer appeal.

Ribus–Nu-FLOW alternative to Si02
Nature created the rice husk; Ribus created Nu-FLOW (natural, organic alternative to Si02). Applications include spices, beverages, flavor carriers, sauces and dietary supplements. See how a simple plant fraction can meet formulators and consumers’ needs.

The Scoular Company–Sacha Inchi Oil High in Omega-3
Sacha Inchi oil, from Scoular, contains one of the highest omega-3 contents from plant sources. Expeller-pressed from the sacha inchi seed, this allergen-friendly, non-GMO or organic product is the perfect omega-rich ingredient for food or supplements.

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