2014 Weight Management Technologies Seminar News Bites

Globesity, the world trend towards an overweight populace in many to most countries, means a great deal of news is being generated on this topic. The following news items were chosen by Global Food Forums as relevant to this topic.

brownie In a recent study, participants were served bite-sized brownies while watching television ads. Half were not asked anything about the brownies while the other half were asked about the brownies’ calories. Within each of these two groups, half were given soft brownies, the others hard. When calories were not mentioned, the participants ate more of the soft than hard brownies. When calories were mentioned, more of the hard brownies were consumed. The study supports the concept that foods with hard or rough textures led people to believe they are consuming fewer calories than with smooth foods. A press release quotes the authors of the study as saying “Brands interested in promoting the health benefits of their products can emphasize calorie foods. Understanding how the texture of food can influence calorie perceptions, food choice, and consumption. –D. Biswas, et al. 2014, Something to Chew On: The Effects of Oral Haptics on Mastication, Orosensory Perception, and Calorie Estimation, published online March 19, 2014, Journal of Consumer Research.
South Beach Smoothie Many products used for weight management have enhanced levels of protein. For example, the first two ingredients listed in South Beach Diet Corp.’s new South Beach Snack Smoothie are water, followed by a “Protein Blend” of whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate. Sweeteners include evaporated cane syrup, as well as fructose, rebaudioside A (stevia) and monk fruit extract. For more details on this products as well as a quick review of new and/or significant foods, beverages and supplements high in protein, see Global Food Forums’ web page Protein Foods, Beverages & Nutritional Products (2014).
Olive oil Researchers from the Technische Universität München, Germany and University of Vienna, Austria, found that extra virgin olive oil and olive oil extract increased the feelings of satiety more than lard, butter or canola oil. It was compounds other than protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids may impact satiety. – March, 2013 – More details at Global Food Forums, Inc.
Bisquick According to the report “Gluten-free Foods – US – September 2013” from Mintel, gluten-free food and beverage sales are estimated to reach $10.5 billion in 2013. The market experienced growth of 44% from 2011-2013. Besides gluten-intolerant individuals purchasing the products, 27% eat them because they feel they aid in their weight loss efforts. – October 14, 2013, Reuters


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