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2013 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar Report-coverThe 2013 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar provided a wealth of information to attendees. On this page we offer you, free of charge, links to a 20-page seminar report and several of the speaker PowerPoints.

Click here to access the 20-page 2013 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar Report sponsored by Arla Foods Ingredients. Please reference material from this report to “2013 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar Report, Global Food Forums, Inc.”

If you wish to quote the information from the individual presentations publicly, please reference, at minimum: Name of presentation, speaker name, speaker affiliation, 2013 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar. Thank you!


Global-Food-Forum-bullet-point-14X14px  Muscling to the Top: Insights, Growth and the Promise of Protein Speaker: Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director, Datamonitor Consumer, a unit of Informa plc.

Global-Food-Forum-bullet-point-14X14px  Strategic Insights into the Global Protein Ingredient Market Speaker: Christopher Shanahan, Global Program Manager-Food and Feed Ingredients Practice, Frost & Sullivan.

Global-Food-Forum-bullet-point-14X14px  Protein Packing Products: The Nutritional Rational Speaker: Christine Steele, Ph.D., director, Science, Innovation & Education, Abbott Nutrition.

Global-Food-Forum-bullet-point-14X14px  Pulses: From Global Staples to On-trend Products Speaker: Chef Charlie Baggs, President & Executive Chef, Charlie Baggs, Inc.

Global-Food-Forum-bullet-point-14X14px Using Protein-rich Components to Achieve Desired Labeling Speaker: Scott Martling, M.S., Group Leader R&D, International Food Network



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